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The 3-hour Vigan tour

A very good weather greeted us on the second day.  Still cold but the sun’s up with the blue skies.  Let me show you Casa Teofila in the morning.

The most affordable lodging around..

We got the twin bed, good for 4 pax for 1,050php only. Inclusive of 2 queen size  beds with A/C, toilet and bath and TV with cable.  This is the cheapest deal I found on the net!  The room is clean and well-arranged when we checked in but when we checked out, … never mind.. haha 😛

The three are having their Ilocano breakfast (Tapa-Sinangang-Itlog) while I had my cup of coffee – ang daming serving kaya nakipapak na lang ako ng tapa.. Did I mention that Casa Teofila offer free Wifi? Okay, I already did.. Habang kumakain, naguupload ng pictures sa Facebook! We’re supposed to leave by 7AM pero dahil masyadong maaga magsigising, atrasado tuloy kami ng isang oras. We rented 2 tricycles, 80 each/hour to take us to Baluarte and Hidden Garden. Matinding pagdedesisyon ang ginawa ko dyan kasi mukhang olats pag per hour.  Kaso napagtanto ko ring baka mahirapan kami sumakay ng tricycle papunta kung saan kaya kinagat ko na. Una, 120php pero hindi umubra sila kuya sa akin kaya ang ending, otsenta per ora! 😛 It’s already 8AM so we ride..



Fast Fact: Baluarte is 80 hectares of gently rolling terrains, hills and mountain sides, the structures of facilities and amenities, its phases of construction is in its best possible realistic and natural habitat for good and sound animal care.

Malaki talaga ang loob at medyo nakakapagod maglakad.  Hindi ko masasabing masarap ang simoy ng hangin.  Alam nyo na siguro kung bakit *wink* 😛 Pero nililinis naman ng mga caretakers nila.

Isn't it saying WELCOME?

 Travel time is 10-15 minutes only from our lodging.  Baluarte opens at 7am everyday and closes at 6pm.  There’s no entrance fee but you have to sign the guest book as soon as you get in (which our group forgot to do :P). There’s an ostrich in front who welcomed us – I think (not pretty obvious though :P)  It, along with other fauna can walk and run around freely.  Tigers on the other hand are exceptions for obvious reasons of course. 😛

Solo quack-quack...

Our ever Deer-est


Small, white, shy donkey..

Strike a pose.. say GRASS!!!

You again?!!

Kiss Me Quick! (look at the parrot's reaction... lol)

The friendly Parrot

Definitely NOT the Angry Birds..

Bad hair day?

Other animals that you can see are peacocks, other variety of deers, snakes (thank God they’re not outside.. :P) and Gov. Singson’s favorites, his Tigers.

The caretaker is giving both of them a shower.  The bigger one is a male about 4 years old and the female is about 2 years.  They are cute to stare at (only when they’re asleep or still as rock.. not when they are moving or staring back at you.. :P)

The male - Tiger look!

The female Tiger - emo moment...

Playing for the camera?

They like it rough!.. 😛

Kiss and Make up na..

Again, there’s no entrance fee.  Sulit na sulit ang pagbisita. Time Check: 9:10AM.  No time to spare kaya alis na agad at punta na sa Hidden Garden. Travel time is 10-15 minutes only.  Sabi ni kuyang tricycle driver, mga 20-30 minutes raw ang aabutin pag Sunday kasi maraming tao sa lansangan.. Sus!


Hidden Garden

Quite a hidden place indeed.  Hindi halatang may malaking garden sa loob pag titignan sa labas.

A message from trash

No entrance fee as well.  When we arrived there’s no other people visiting.  A lady approached us with a smile on her face and guided us to see what’s inside.

Red Poinsettias?

The altar with blossoming flora

One cute bonsai

I just can’t remember what kind exactly.  😛

Sanseveria "Bacularis"

This specific plant can absorb toxic floating  substances from the air.  That’s why it’s placed beside computer monitors and can stand a long period of time.  Cool!

Guess where are we?

Empanada is next! di pa ko nagbbreakfast! 

Special Monggo and Egg stuffed Empanada, 45php

the filling...

It’s bigger than the usual empanadas – double the size.  First impression – crunchy at masarap! pero nakakaumay lang ang mantika na lumibot sa empanada.  Minus points yun.. 🙂 Street empanadas are better than this.  I bought two in Laoag before we depart for Manila.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of it.  It’s also stuffed with monggo and egg with the addition of Ilocos longganisa – mas masarap at nangamoy lang naman sa airport pagbukas nung bag ko for inspection.. 😛 Kinwentuhan ko na lang ung nagiinspect kaya lusot pa rin.. 🙂

It’s 10:30 am.  Time to go back to Casa Teofila to get our things and catch the bus going to Laoag then to Pagudpud.  Kami na ang walang kahilig-hilig sa kakabiyahe! 😛

At 11:30AM we arrived at the terminal but too bad we just missed the bus.  If we’re 5 minutes early, we could have been on the road.  We can’t afford to wait because the next trip is at 12:30pm and we need to be in Pagudpud by 2PM.  We just caught an ordinary bus on the highway. Lucky us, we didn’t wait that long.  Fare is 120php, short of 1 peso compared to an aircon bus… oh well… 😛

Paalam, Vigan.