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What’s the best value for a hundred pesos?

Would you -?

A.  Buy a prepaid card?

Texting-texting, surfing-surfing and calling-calling your loved ones and your LOVED ONE?


oftentimes, you consume it for a day only… still, you need to reload afterwards..

B.  Exchange for a Starbucks Gift Certificate?

For a soothing dose of Java Chip Frapuccino and free wi-fi? (with chismisan on the side) 😛


You’ll still add 55Php pesos for a Tall size…

C.  Ride a cab?

For a much convenient way going to the office or else where?


40php flag down and it’s rush hour? Unlucky you,  your 100php won’t make it.

D.  Buy a Value Meal in your favorite fast food chain?


But upgrade to LARGE Fries and Drink would cost 25Php more?..

E.  Or perhaps…. spend it in an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN restaurant????

100Php for real?

I’ve been curious to try this 100 peso eat-all-you-can resto located in Claveria Plaza along Circumferential Road in Antipolo.  I must admit that I have my hesitations at first and questioning what are the kinds of food they offer.  It’s hard to believe to eat all the food you can for only 100Php.  Then the time has come to put it to a test. 😛

Simple and pretty neat interiors

Wondering where’s the buffet table? Here.

All Filipino food

Pick your pick!

The banana leaf - a part of Pinoy Dining

Lutong-bahay ang setup. I was a little surprised because there are quite a number to choose from.  Gutom na ko kaya Tara Let’s Eat!

Adobong Baboy, Pakbet, Pritong Salay, Spareribs and Pasta

Gutom ka na no?

To balance the over intake of fats.. 😛


Commence Eating!

The verdict? Nothing special on the taste but it’s not bad as well.  Authentic Pinoy cooking for a very affordable price. You really get the value of your 100Php in every dig. Alternative (less expensive) ingredients might have been used to spice up the dishes that’s why it’s appealing to budget conscious people. Though they are very strict on three things:

No Sharing

No Left Overs

and No Take Home ;P

When you get to visit Antipolo soon, you may try My Pot Restaurant.

Lunch @ The Pavilion in MMLDC

I had the chance to visit The Pavillion, MMLDC’s food hall (I stand corrected, read the rest for the correction), through the invitation of Ms. Peng. Besides, it’s lunch time (and it’s her treat.. thanks Mam!)  🙂  “The Pavilion” is a Balinese-inspired Al Fresco restaurant within the lush facilities of The Meralco Development Center or MMLDC.  It is a deli, bar and restaurant that offers an a la carte menu of fusion and Filipino favorites, including grilled specialties. Pizza, pasta, salads and sandwiches round out the offerings, with delight dessert options to complete your savory meals.

Before we go to the details, some of you might be asking what’s MMLDC and what was I doing there? 🙂

MMLDC’s Institutional Profile

MMLDC is an Educational Foundation that specializes in providing training solutions within a total learning ambience. The success of our business activities helps us to give back to society through the provision of training and development interventions in our advocacies of Technical Expertise, Environmental Stewardship and Responsible leadership.

Inaugurated in 1999, MMLDC opened its Academic and Residence Halls nestled in the natural rolling terrain, densely covered with more than 3,000 trees of an Antipolo property. From year 2000 onwards, various facilities were added to expand the capacity of the Center. This includes:

– a Food Hall to accommodate 325 diners

– the Creativity Hall for upgraded dormitory accommodations,

– the Rainforest, MMLDC’s unique and complete team building facility

– the Paintball area which now also offers Laser Tag Combat

A total of fourteen classrooms, ranging in capacity from 15 for small planning sessions to 200 participants for general assemblies. Various break out rooms and outdoor areas are also available for out-of-the box learning activities. It has also a library, a business center and a multi-purpose hall. Comfortable accommodations for 239 guests are available in either the hotel-like Residence Hall or at the Creativity Hall. The Center also features a pavilion with an adjacent swimming pool, a grotto with an image of the Virgin of Antipolo, an aviary of rare and exotic birds, a chapel, a lounge, a clinic and a gym. For more info, please visit the official website.

I’ll take a look at the different facilities once I go back (hopefully.. :))

I’ve heard quite a few positive feedback about the Pavilion’s food offerings and this already made me curious if this will satisfy my palate.  Apparently, it did! 🙂 With a selection of pizzas, salads, cakes and sandwiches in their menu, the Pavilion is also a place to chill-out either with a bottle of beer in your left (hand) or a cup of coffee in the other.  I just didn’t notice the presence of WiFi but their site tells it has.  Ms. Peng asked me what do I like to order and the “shy-type” me said the typical, ANYTHING.  🙂 But I think it’s very inappropriate to say so that’s why I just asked what’s the Pavilion’s best-sellers.  And here comes what landed on our table:


Diablo, Solo: 150Php; To Share: 205Php

Okay, why Diablo? – I don’t know 🙂 Probably because this kind of oil based fettuccine with shrimp and bacon is so spicy that you’ll feel you’re in hell in total hotness. 😛 At least I was able to get Ms. Peng affirm it hehe just kidding. Aside from being HOT and STRONG, I still wonder what’s in it that made it a best-seller.  I’m not a fan of spicy food but I don’t hate it as well.  Normally if it’s pasta you can have it in white or red sauce and it only taste either a bit sour (bcoz of the tomato sauce) or a bit sweet and salty (bcoz of the cream).  But this one has a unique taste which is not bad  at all.  The parmesan cheese helped lessen the piquant taste. 🙂  To share is good to up to 3 people.


All Meat Lovers Pizza, 205Php

It’s not a family-sized pizza but the serving is good to up to 4 people already. Topped with ground beef, pepperoni and chopped ham, this pizza is very flavorsome which could make your stomach full in just minutes. 🙂  Indeed, one of their best-sellers.


Strawberry Milk, 75Php

This strawberry milk shake is a knock-out! The creamy taste of milk blended well with the strawberry.  Indeed another best-seller in the refreshments category, it will never fail to satisfy your healthy cold drink craving.  I’m now thinking of substituting it to our frequent Starbucks Coffee frap sessions – lol.

I’ll definitely go back and try out other selections in the menu.  A 10-minute ride from home when going there won’t hurt :P. After all, the food is reasonably priced plus you can roam around to see the aviary, the rain forest and the chapel after a heavy meal with your friends, family or loved one.

P.S.  The shots were c/o my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music smartphone, will do better next time using my real camera 🙂

Chillax at Seisha

We just had our dose of caffeine in Seisha Coffee in Antipolo.  After endulging ourselves to loads of carbohydrates, (thanks to the town fiesta) and playing Tekken 5 in Ynares Center Bazzaar, Marie asked for a sip of coffee.  Seisha Coffee (near Antipolo Cathedral) is one of the many coffee shops in Antipolo offering caffeine beverages, teas, fruit juices and pastries.  It’s located in a new commercial building in P. Oliveros Street and can be easily recognized.  The look seems relaxing and vibrant because of the combination of lights and the interior design is appealing.




The paintings on the wall added appeal to its overall look.  I just don’t know if the paintings are for sale because most of them have price tags 😀  The restroom is well organized and clean as well.  By the way, this is the first thing I checked because it’s one of the most neglected and taken for granted in an establishment.  Good thing theirs is not stinky.

Enough of what the eye says, it’s the tongue’s turn.  Marie ordered Triple-berry mocha frap (raspberry, strawberry and blueberry – that’s what makes it triple.. yey :P), Caramel frap for Gelow and Capuccino for Rodemp.  The tripleberry frap does not taste very berry – it tastes something else.  More like an alcoholic drink as Marie says so.  I ordered Strawberry-banana smoothie which by the way made me think if strawberries nowadays are already pink and not red.  I hope it’s due to the banana effect only that’s why it’s pink.  In all fairness, it tastes good though I didn’t capture the presence of strawberry in my smoothie though it’s still refreshing.




Their Seisha Clubhouse is not bad at all and also reasonably priced.  On the cakes and pastries shelf, I first noticed that their cheaper than other coffee shops.  For example, the blueberry cheesecake costs  80Php only per slice.  The one displayed is bigger than I expected – that’s why I thought it was cheaper. But wait until you ordered it and you’ll notice that the slice you saw displayed is not the one you’ll get.  They displayed 2 slices and make it look like one so that the customer will think that it’s bigger – nice marketing strategy but definitely a turn-off.