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Mapanuri’s First!

I didn’t notice that it’s been a year already.  I started this mapanuri blog on blog.com but a few months after that I got curious in transferring it to the more popular wordpress.com.  I started a few blog posts November of 2009 and just July of last year, I started to transfer all the posts.

A look from one year ago

It’s not the original look, it’s something yellow-ish and amateur-ish back then.. hehe

A brief history.  This came to the online world because of the blog conference hosted by our company.  The first time I blog and I won a netbook out of it – lucky eh?.. Since then, it gave me the motivation to put up my own blog – the thing that I have been wanting to do since college.  Why Mapanuri? My creative thinking is not working at that time so I just based it on how I am as a person.  I am the kind of person who is keen to details (if perfectionist is the word for it, so be it.. :P) but I am not perfect, so is everyone else that’s why I don’t consider myself a perfectionist. 🙂 I just want to utter my opinions on certain things whether it be entertainment, food, political, social, financial or whatever as long as I know that I am a part of it and it concerns me.  But along the way, it evolved and had some sense of direction (??).  I realized my love to travel.  With the motivation put on me by the travel blogs I am reading (see blogroll), I was greatly encouraged to push myself and get out of my comfort zone.   January of this year, I started plotting my own travel calendar (see Travels) 🙂

One year old! and getting older..

Before I was planning to put up a mini-contest, just like other blogs to give thanks ( as if andaming readers… haha) aside from boosting the site’s traffic in my blog’s first year lol.. I might do it some other time.  😛 Surely, I am very much thankful to all my readers and even blog-hoppers who are spending time to type in mapanuri.wordpress.com on their browsers, search mapanuri on google and click my link on other blogs, my fb/twitter walls as well as on my Yahoo Messenger status.  I appreciate it a lot.

Right now, I’m planning to transfer again and utilize/monetize my own domain which is http://jeffzapanta.com.  As some of you might notice, I am not very active in writing blogs recently because I’m also working and doing other personal stuff (pamangkin-sitting on the side hehe).  I’m keeping myself from multi-tasking, it gives me a headache. 🙂 But if I had that itch to write, no one can stop me.  I just want to make use of my own website and blog about my interests there – the usuals.. 🙂 Been also wanting to make it a travel/photoblog because I envy those travel photographers that are really good in taking photos of such beautiful places. 🙂 Soon, I’ll make up my mind and you’ll just be suprised.. lol 😛

Again, I am just thankful that some random people here on earth took time to read and comment on every blog post I make – though some are only a repost from news and current events.  I really really appreciate it! More thankful to those that I don’t personally know but due to consistent exchange of conversation, I was able to establish this kind of “online” relationship with them.  Someday, I would definitely meet all of you in person. But soon would be better.. 🙂 Basta walang magpapalibre.. hehe 😛

So that wraps up the first year and now on to the second. This is my 162nd post.  Compared to others, this is considerably few.  More active blogging on the 2nd year!. 🙂

One year old! and getting older..

Christmas is never a RUSH


Do you really need to rush?

As you can tell, there’a a lot of SALE going on everywhere and that’s pretty obvious because Christmas is just around the corner.  But why do most people spend a lot when the Holiday Season is approaching? Probably because they have a lot of money to spend –  13th month pay and other Christmas bonuses come this time of the year.  And have you noticed that some people even if it’s just the start of the “-ber” months, they already plan their early Christmas Shopping – buying gifts for their “inaanaks”, family, friends and loved ones.  Some also grab every kind of Sale present in malls, may it be appliances, shoes, clothing, food, spa, fitness and health, airfare, etc. 

Honestly, I am one these people – BEFORE.   Everytime I receive a lot of money in my bank account, I always buy something for myself – thinking “Pera ko naman to, minsan lang to.. “ for something that I still don’t have yet.  Afterwards, I realize that it’s not what I really need, I mean it’s more of a “want”, and in the long run thinking that I should’ve gotten something that could be more valuable to me. I’ve been in this perspective since I started to work.  This time, I want to try if I can flip it around and instead of spending much on WANTS, I better decide which ones I NEED.  Below is a list of the things I want to plant on my mind so that I won’t spend a lot.

1.  Stop searching for SALE on the internet

– The more you learn about Big Sale in malls, the more likely you spend.   I know it’s not that easy especially when someone in your family is asking you to buy it.  But politely saying NO, is acceptable unless you really need it.

2.  Keep your credit cards

– Refrain from bringing your credit cards when you’re going to malls to buy something.  During this time, a lot of SALE is posted in every store so it will tempt you more to buy.  That’s why mine is locked up in my drawer… hehe

3.  Handle pressure

– Peer pressure is everywhere.  So better handle it with a lot of care. It does not follow that when you’re bestfriend has a new phone he got from a Big Sale, you have to have it too.

4.  Save your hard-earned money to invest

– Just like my friend and colleague Spiderham, instead of buying a new camera lens, he’ll instead buy stocks from a certain company.  If you know the what abouts of IPO (Initial Public Offering), then start investing on it.  Me? I’d go for mutual funds.

5.  Find alternative Christmas Gifts

– I’ve been saying to stop searching for Mall Sale earlier but they could also help tone down your costs when buying Christmas gifts.  Instead of buying pricey toys for your “inaanaks”, settle for lesser ones in Toys’ Sale.  Divisoria and Marikina Riverbanks tiangge are two of those places where you can find cheaper deals – plus you can practice you’re huggling skills. 

6.  Spend on leisure and pleasure

– I always find it optimal if you spend your money in travel – going to places you haven’t ever been and having adventure could be priceless.  Spa, food or just going somewhere and having your family with you is a good treat as well.

I hope I can keep up with the list above and hopefully, other people wouldn’t think that whenever Christmas is coming, there’s always a need to rush.

Mapanuri Review: New Moon

Just got home from Eastwood Cinema and guess what movie did we watch? 😛


Watch New Moon Trailer in HD

Synopsis:  A teenage girl in love with a vampire is devastated when the vampire leaves her for fear of the danger that he brings into her life. The girl becomes self-destructive, but in doing so gains the attention of another boy who seeks to protect her, who has a secret of his own.


Not bad at all.  It did not fail the moviegoers to deliver what they expect – a much better sequel and enjoyable than the first.  It ran for more than 2 hours which is considered a very long flick.  Normally, 1 and a half hours is enough and more than that is already a burden –  not in the case of “New Moon”.  The storyline and editing of the film are quite consistent and straight to the point.  I never realized that it already took 2 hours because every scene was well-balanced and continuous. 

The scriptwriter injected lines with a twist of humor unlike its predecessor.  Another noticeable part is the delivery of cheesy lines – yeah it’s a teen flick so what could we expect? 😀  Kristen Stewart’s acting is consistent so as Robert Pattinson’s.  The division of the stars’ exposure is ample in its 2-hour run.  Though Victoria has minimal scenes as well as the rest of the Cullens and Dakota Fanning.  We’ll see more of her on the third installment – I think.  Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob Black) is a scene stealer everytime he shows up.  For obvious reasons, girls and “feeling” girls scream (not like Paranormal Activity screams) whenever he shows up shirtless.  He doesn’t seem to look 16 years old but yeah, that’s his age in the story.  He justified the role of a wolf and showcased a surprising acting though sometimes he sounds and delivers  like Pattinson. 

Overall, this teen flick won the hearts of both young ones and young once.  No wonder it has become of the most anticipated films of the year with $297M worldwide gross after a week of release.  Go ahead and see it for yourself – you may pick up some cheesy lines.

Mapanuri Review: 2012


Watch the 2012 Movie Trailer (HD) here

Film Synopsis: Hundreds of years ago, the Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end on the year 2012. Now, the time has come, and a chain of natural disasters has left millions dead and cities in ruins. The remnants of this cataclysm make one last bid for survival, pulling mankind together for one last effort. – thank you clickthecity.com

Bago ang review-reviewhan ng pelikula ay may magbacktrack muna tayo 2 hours bago ang showing.  Hindi dapat kami manunuod ng 2012 ngayong Friday the 13th.  Ded na si Lolo ang dapat naming papanuorin ngunit 6:30 ng gabi ay nasa SM Megamall pa lamang kami.  Ang ninanais namin na pelikula ay ipalalalabas ng 7:30PM at sa New Manila, QC pa iyon – kamusta naman? Tinangka pa namin habulin ang oras ngunit sadyang ayaw lang nitong magpahabol.  Sanlaksa ang mga taong nag-aabang ng masasakyan, mapa-taxi man o FX kaya no choice kami kungdi i-giveup ang naunang plano.  Malamang alam nyo na ang susunod na kabanata…… tumpak! kaya ko sinusulat ang review na ito.

As expected mahaba ang pila sa ticket booth dahil first shooting day ito.  Tatlong sinehan (o apat ba?) ang binuksan para sa palabas na ito.  Hindi ko nga inakalang ganito naging interesado ang mga tao na panuorin ito – wala masyadong TV advertisement, na-overshadow kasi ng New Moon.

Dumating ang oras ng pagpasok. Kinse minutos para alas-otso pumasok na kami ni katotong Boggs. As expected (again), puno na sa itaas ang mga upuan at no choice (again?) at sa baba kami naupo.  Magulo na ang mga tao na para bang masyadong excited sa papanuorin.

Nagsimula ang pelikula.. Tumahimik na ang lahat..



Review Proper:

Maganda ang pelikula.. period..  Typical lang ang istorya dahil sa pamagat pa lang at sa poster eh makikita mo na kung ano ang ending.  Adik na lang siguro yung magtatanong kung ano ang mangyayari sa pelikula.  Naging curious ako kung anong istorya ang ilalapat ng mga scriptwriter sa pelikula.  Again, typical dahil it’s about a family’s story – pamilya ng bidang tauhan (John Cusack).  The usual conflicts sa family na may iba ng asawa yung asawang babae (Amanda Peet) nung bida at may mga anak sila.  Kagandahan lang ay inilapit pa rin ito sa realidad ng buhay at sa kasalukuyang panahon – kahit na 2009 pa lang ngayon at 2012 na nun.  Naging predictable ang ilang eksena ng mga tauhan dahil mabilis mo ng malalaman ang relasyon at koneksyon nila sa isa’t isa.  Nagkaroon pa ng love angle sa pagitan ng scientist na nakadiskubre ng paggunaw ng mundo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) at ng anak ng US President (Thandie Newton – na by the way ay hindi ko nagustuhan ang acting dahil parang laging nag-fflirt kahit sa mga eksenang tatay nya ang kasama nya at umiiyak sya, hindi ko lang din maintindihan kung bakit).  Dapat tinanggal na lang ung love angle na yun dahil wala naman sa personality ni scientist ang makipagflirt, although binata naman at.. sige na nga! pagbigyan na.. 😀 Tumatak sa mga manonood ang karakter ni (Charlie) Woody Harrelson na naging susi para mapagtanto ni Jackson (Cusack) ang magaganap na catastrophe at kung saan makikita ang mga modernong Noah’s Ark.

Harrelson’s acting was short but unforgettable.  Cusack’s performance was also consistent so as Danny Glover’s, Oliver Platt’s and Zlatko Buric’s – ang rusong bilyonaryo na may pagka-kups na kahit hindi maintindihan mag-english eh pasok rin sa banga ang karakter.  Kakaiba ang istilo na ginamit ng direktor (Roland Emmerich).  Di tulad ng ibang pelikula na walang ibang pakay kungdi gunawin ang mundo, hindi nila ginawang sersyoso ang pelikula.  Nilapatan nila ng humor ang pelikula sa personalidad ng mga karakter ni Cusack at Buric.

Eto na.. Ang pinakarason kung bakit ko gustong i-blog ang pelikulang ito – dahil sa special at visual effects na ginamit sa pelikula.  Walang panama ang Armageddon (kahit di ko pa napapanuod), Deep Impact, Transformers (kahit puro robot lang to), Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow atbp.  Malamang todo-todong salapi na naman ang ginasta para lamang sa mga nagbibiyakang lupa, gumuguhong mga gusali, nagbubulwakang mga lava, naglalakihang tsunami at nagsasabugang mga sasakyan.  No wonder, estimated $200M-$250M ang production budget ng pelikula.  Mabigat sa puso makita ang effects ng pelikula – ibig sabihin, effective sa mga manunuod.  Hindi ka titipirin sa kung ano talaga ang pakay ng pelikulang ito – ang sirain ang mother earth at lipulin ang mga tao.  Hindi bitin ang mga pagsira sa mga daan at sasakyan.  Lalo na siguro kung sa Dolby Surround or I-MAX kami nanuod – baka hindi ko na yun kayanin (ang OA lang.. hehe).  May iba lang na hindi pa pulido na halata pa ring effects lang – pero negligible na rin.  Kakamayan ko talaga ang mga programmers na gumawa ng effects na yun dahil hindi pa nakikita yun sa pelikula, kung meron man, hindi ko ito pa napanuod at kung meron talaga ummmm… ok fine.

Para sa akin, reaction ng audience ang pinakabasehan kung maganda o hindi ang pelikula  – in addition, hindi rin sa dami ng tao.  Sabi ko nga, maganda ang pelikula kaya maraming nanuod at naging interesadong panuorin ito.  Kahit kami napapa-woohoo sabay tawa (kasi makulet ung pag woohoo namin.. 😛 ) sa mga eksenang almost makapigil-hininga.  Yung tipong hinahabol ang mga bida ng pagguho ng lupa na parang monster lang.  May mga eksenang hindi na lang sana nilagay sa istorya at may mga execution na hindi pasok sa script.  Nabigyan pa sana ng ibang atake yung pagsulpot ni Cusack mula sa pagkakatanggal nya nung cable na nag-stop ng hydraulics nung isang pinto ng modernong Noah’s Ark (kaya sila pinasok at muntik malunod sa tubig – tsk! kasalanan pala nila! :D) Predictable kasi na lalabas naman sya kasi sya ang kaya ang bida.. hayz… pinatagal pa kasi ng ilang segundo yung pagsulpot nya na gustong ipasuspense pa ng direktor na mamamatay pa sya ( eh patapos na kaya yung pelikula).  Anyway, malamang pinagbigyan na yun ng mga tao dahil expected na nga – ang korni lang kasi talaga 😀  Sulit naman ang 160php na bayad sa sinehan dahil 2 hours and 45 minutes ang run time.

Ang Hatol: Worth it dahil sa special effects! Pagkatapos ng trabaho, yayain ang pamilya o mga kaibigan at panuorin.. Worth it! (oo nga..kulet! )

Isa lang paalala.. Mas magandang panuorin kung sa Dolby Surround na theater or sa IMAX sa MOA or SM North Edsa para ramdam na ramdam lang… at mag-stock na ng eroplano sa bahay at mag-aral magpalipad nito.. 😛

Mapanuri begins here..

caution“There’s no day but today” – that is why I’m starting this blog today.  I have a bucketful of ideas running in my mind for the past couple of years that I really want to write. But I think I was just skeptical of what will come out of it.  Thanks to a Blog Conference I attended, it pushed me to blog NOW.  Nothing very important and life-changing to expect through this blog but normal and real antics of whatever crossed my mind. I’ll try to keep it real and more so interact with other bloggers across the web blogging community.  This is just an introduction, well maybe a simple beginning of how will I be able to express my mind through this crap. We’ll see.  There’s more to come and hopefully I can come up with very interesting ideas to write about.  This is it.. this is really is it.. I welcome myself and hopefully, you’ll welcome me;P