Happy Father’s Day!

This time it’s for real.  It’s Father’s Day and oh, I’d like to greet all the fathers out there but the most special greeting goes out to my father, Jack.

Ka Jack or Ka Ito

Photographer ka rin pala 'Tay? 🙂

I won’t be able to give him a big hug tomorrow because he’s on the other side of the world. Yep, he’s in New Jersey, USA together with my Nanay and my Ate Tina’s family.  If my VISA was approved, I’d be able to celebrate Father’s day with them.  This time, we’ll still celebrate it but through the magic brought by technology in which we call “Yahoo Messenger”. 😛

It took miles between us for me to realize how I badly miss his presence. 😦 Though we haven’t really shared much and didn’t have very often father-and-son bonding, I miss him.  But I know he’s having a great time as he enjoys his retirement – away from the stress here.

Thank you ‘Tay for everything….
From Antipolo, with so much love from us.. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

6 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. happy father’s day to your dad!

  2. awww… Nice naman! Touching. Ano reaction ng dad mo? Wala ako maipost. hindi naman mahilig magbasa papa ko ng mga sinusulat ko.

  3. awww! ang sweet mu namang anak. you’re dad is lucky to have you! =) sana nga one day maksama mu din uli sila sa NJ. =)

    • Yeah I do hope gael.. One day, I’ll make that happen.. 🙂 Hindi lang ako showy kaya I don’t know kung alam ng tatay ko yan.. hehe

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