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The Script Live In Manila!

Last night, April 16, 2011, the Irish trio literally brought the Big Dome down with unending screams from fans as they staged their first ever concert in the Philippines.   Approximately 8,000-11,000 fans flocked to Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City to see, hear and rock with The Script’s well applauded performances. Composed of Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power, the band has earned famous and chart-topping singles from their 2 studio albums – The Script (2008) and Science and Faith (2010).

The gates were open as early as 6:30PM.  There were no front-acts to begin the show.  Here’s the night’s song set list:

You Won’t Feel A Thing
Talk You Down
We Cry
If You Ever Come Back
Before The Worst
If You See Kay
The End Where I Begin
Science And Faith
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
I’m Yours
Dead Man Walking
Rusty Halo

For The First Time

House lights off, time to start the show!

Screams all over Araneta as the band showed up on stage

The band on stage, fans went crazy!

The Script frontman, Danny O'Donoghue have the crowd sing The Man Who Can't be Moved with him

Glen Power, on drums

Mark Sheehan, on lead guitar

This time, with the bassist..

Danny described the crowd’s reception as CRAZY and full of energy.  He couldn’t hide the overwhelming welcome from their Pinoy fans.  So far, it’s the best audience they had in the course of their tour according to Danny.  I could attest to that because from start to finish, all I can hear were screams! 🙂 I couldn’t feel my eardrums working for a time there. 😛

Everyone’s excited and pumped up – myself included.  It’s the day I’ve been waiting for and you can tell it if you’re hearing The Script songs when you visit my blog. Yeah, I’m a huge fan! 🙂

Danny plays the keyboard and guitar

The crowd sung with the band all night long

They really had an amazing interaction with the audience not like other artists who just perform on stage.  They connect and as much as possible talk to their audience before jumping in to the next song.  They even shared that they can easily write and finish a song when they’re hanging out and drinking.  Mark Sheehan confessed that Danny is an expert in “Drunk Dialling”.  This happened when they were drinking together and suddenly Danny dialled a number on his phone and said whatever things he has in mind – to a girl.  This happens during times of his heartbreaks. 😀  They even asked the audience to raise the hands of those who do the same.  Mark Sheehan adds, “Those who didn’t raise their hands are effin LIARS!” 🙂

The group takes their bow..

The show lasted for 1.5 hours, ended a few minutes past 10 in the evening. I was definitely moved by the these men who can’t be moved.  Awesome night of pop/rock music!

Til next time!

And to those who might be askin’ if SLR cameras are allowed inside, the answer is NO (unless you have a media pass).  How come I was able to bring mine in? Let’s say, I’m just skilled in doing some dirty tactics sometimes and…. ONLY if needed! 😛 lol

Tickets from Gen Ad to Patron are all sold out a week prior to the concert.  Special thanks to the FB fan page of The Script Live in Manila – I was able to grab my ticket here a day before.

The Script and Science and Faith albums are still available in your favorite record bars.  Grab a copy and buy the original!

Captured: Unknown Tweet-Tweet

Before I go to bed earlier today, I thought of something ‘worthwhile’ doing and that would also prevent me from using my laptop.  I’ve been exposed to the world wide web for almost 9 hours in the office so I try to unattach myself to the computer when I’m at home at least (unless necessary.. :P) Besides, the only programs shown on TV during the morning are mostly for kids. So, I grabbed my camera and started shooting outside.  Then I saw this:

What kind of bird are you?

I really don’t have an idea what it is called.  Hindi naman maya-maya pero parang pamilyar sa akin.  Nakakuha na rin ata ako ng picture nito nungnagcover kami ng kasal last year.. hmmmm.. Hummingbird ka ba? 😛 lol


I’m no expert at birds.  In fact, I don’t play with them either.. 😛

Uy, nakaramdam na kinukunan..


Suma-side view!


If you know what this is called, please let me know. :))

Introducing My Newest Photoblog

Aside from the multiply site I have for my photos, here’s another one and I opted to make one using Blogger (Blogspot). Para maiba naman.. 🙂

My Newest Photoblog.. 🙂

Please click the image above or clicke here to get there.

Thank you!