Goals and other sidenotes..

Every start of the year I always plan the things I’m gonna do..  But this is the very first time I’m writing it down and giving serious effort to make it come true.  As I’m writing this, I’m thrilled but let’s see if I will be able to make all of these into reality.

UPDATE:  I’m making it a bucket of to-do list before I die (I know it’s a heavy one but it’s the only way I could make myself motivated to achieve all these)

Experience more travels (in tagalog, Lakwatsa! :P) – I want to prove that the world is beyond awesome..


Ilocos Norte/Sur Getaway


– Coron, Palawan

– Puerto Princesa, Palawan

– Calaguas Group of Islands, Camarines Norte

– Mt. Pinatubo Crater

– Bohol

– Leyte

– Batanes

– Siquijor

Other Countries

– Caribbean Cruise – who wouldn’t want luxury for once?

– Thailand – it’s the Thai movies’ fault.. lol 😛 and it’s the nearest where I can watch an international tennis match.. unless ‘Pinas hosts one.. 😛

– Singapore – curious how clean is Singapore clean.. 🙂

– South Korea – blame those Koreanovelas.. not a fan though, but the places shown were enough to invite me there..

– Hongkong – Disneyland!.. yeah, I’m a kid… sometimes.. 🙂

– Beijing, China – who wouldn’t want to see the Great Wall? 🙂

– New Zealand – want to see where the LOTR shoot took place.. 😛

– New Jersey, USA – ‘coz my sister and parents are there.. okay,  I want to see MacLaren’s Pub but it’s in New York. At least it’s not that far.. 😛

– Egypt – just to see the majestic pyramids, and ride the camel.. 😛

– Rome, Italy – pray inside St. Peter’s Basilica and feel Blessed John Paul’s presence

– Paris, France – just a single good wide shot of the Eiffel Tower and I’m done.. 😛

– Jerusalem, Israel – been dreaming to see this holy land and see the birth place of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

… still more to come.. 😛

Experience Philippines’ Local Festivals

Panagbenga Festival in Baguio

Hot Air Balloon in Pampanga

– Masskara Festival in Bacolod

– Sinulog Festival in Cebu

Personal Goals

– Watch an International Tennis Match

– Visit Nanay and Tatay in New Jersey

– Create a short film/digital film

– Investments – lots of it! boom!

– Buy a piano/learn how to play – ao March 27, 2011

– Have my own studio setup

– Photography services (Business) or high-paying job to make me financially stable

TURNING POINT! don’t know what or how will this happen…  but definitely I’ll know.. it’s a matter of time..

All high pressure (whew!)… turned ON! lol 😛

I’m sharing it here so that I could check it anytime from anywhere as long as I can connect online. And most importantly, not to boast it off but more of inspire myself of these dreams. I know most of them are really ambitious and some are really wishes.. But we never know, someday.. wishes might come true.. 🙂

16 responses to “Goals and other sidenotes..

  1. so all of this is your activity for the whole year? wow.busy year to the looks of it. madaya di mo ko yaya on your Ilocos trip! hmp! you still owe me

  2. wow..it’s about time treat mo ako..ever since we met in 7 yrs, can’t remember you nilibre nyo ako.

    gusto ko ung burrito sa enchanted kingdom. best burrito i’ve ever had or treat mo na lang ako sa bancheto na hangoutan mo..food looks good. 🙂

    • eh kasi naman.. mas malaki ang sahod mo tas may “pension” ka pa, kaya wala akong nakikitang rason para ilibre ka.. 😛 before you leave for AU, kitain mo kami.. set ka ng bridal shower mo.. hehe

  3. Natawa ako dun sa primary personal goal mo ah! You should have omitted the LOL (if that’s a joke, jokes are half meant, you know :-p)

  4. Bihira ko lang makita at marinig (o mabasa) na must in a guy’s list ang GF! GF! Hehehe…

  5. “Watch an international Tennis Match”
    oh my! sama ako! i’d love to watch federer!

    • hehe tama Ms. Grace! dream ko mawitness yang Nadal vs. Federer Match!.. kaya todo ipon na.. hehe.. *crossed fingers*

      • don’t tell me nadal ka!

        maganda yang nadal-federer…kaya lang i doubt kung manalo pa si federer against nadal! ipon tayo tapos wimbledon tayo! he he! sarap nun! [sarap din mangarap!]

      • haha i’m actually for roddick pero hindi na sya ganun ka focused maglaro.. between the two, i go for federer.. but nevertheless, basta championship po!.. kahit sino pa.. hehe

  6. jeff, i’m also for roddick! i ‘ve always said na kung may isa akong tao na matatanggap ko na matatalo si federer, si roddick! awa nga ako kasi laging talo…hu hu!

    i know someone in dubai who was able to watch a live tennis game. inggit ako. 🙂

    haay….sana, someday…

    • Sayang nga he’s not in shape every time he plays.. pababa na ang ranking nya.. Bilib rin ako kay Verdasco.. tindi ng service! 🙂 Federed is the Sampras of his generation.. Thailand Open will be held September this year in Bangkok.. I really really hope I can watch it.. At least mas malapit.. 🙂

  7. woot!
    yes, you can do it because you will!

    a goal without a plan – is just a wish! =)

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