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Panagbenga Festival 2011 | Float Parade

Update:  Naiblog na ang buong kwento ni Shakoleit! Basahin dito.

Day 2 which includes the Street Parade in the morning then PMA, Camp John Hay and Strawberry Farm in the afternoon was totally exhausting! Nagsusumigaw ang mga paa’t tuhod ko na umuwi na but for the sake of PICTURES, sige lang!.. I was completely satisfied with my shots 😛. Though we’re all tired from yesterday’s “endless trekking” adventure, we still woke up at 3:30 in the morning. Teka onting segway at kwento:

Mapanuri:  “Anong oras kayo nakatulog kagabi? Kumain pa kayo diba?”
Whattaqueso: “Mga 9:30 siguro, pagkakain nakatulog na rin”
Chroky: “Ikaw anong oras ka nakatulog?” (kunwari curious magtanong.. ) 😛
Mapanuri: (Nag-isip sandali).. Parang naguusap pa tayo nun.. tas nagtalukbong lang ako ng kumot.. Yun na.. Zzzzzzzz…”
Khanto: hahaha

Ganun ako kapagod kagabi, sabayan pa ng lamig sa daling-araw = sino ba naman ang hindi mapapahilik nyan??? 😛

We arrived at Session road a few minutes past 6AM and as expected, there’s a lot of people already.  Double the number of peeps same time yesterday – that’s around 6 digits I think.  Some were having their breakfast on the gutters of the road while comfortably seated on their paper sheets.  After a few meters of walking, we found our own space.  The sun’s not up yet and it’s a little cloudy.  Everyone’s getting ready and at the same time, excited.

Session Road has become a center of "business" as well..

Double the crowd number! 6 digits baby!

Entrance of Colors

All in all there were 22 floats to grace the road but I haven’t captured all of them.  I found it difficult to take pictures if some people (especially elders) are getting in front of us. Nakakahiya naman silang paalisin kasi matatanda, nakakawalang galang naman.. Kaso mali rin naman yung sumisingit.. 🙂

First Float.. coming from the city government I think..

With Drum and Bugle Corps marching in between floats..

They even decorated their instruments with colorful flowers. 🙂

Colorful and Vibrant march..

From the famous Camp John Hay..

a young beautiful fairy..

the Igorot Dance by highschool students..

Dances are still part of the parade which adds excitement and entertainment.

I forgot what MNTC stands for.. Sorry..

Ang Hari ng Padala!

Say "Panagbenga"...

This little girl posed a smile for me as she saw me taking pictures.  In return, she deserves a good click.

BMEG - Chroky's favorite float.. 🙂


Cute little two front teeth! But guess if that float has sexy little bunnies at the back.. (I wish!.. :P)

Talented young girls hitting the xylophones..

Some of you might be asking if there were celebrities who joined the parade.  There’s a few of them.

Enchong Dee

Girls cheered and screamed for him.  Nagkanda-traffic traffic na dahil nagpuntahan na sa gitna ang mga tao. The crowd control didn’t control it.. 😛

JC De Vera

Danita Paner

Both JC and Danita together with Empoy were here to promote the Kapatid Network (TV 5).  It’s the only TV station which had their float lined up for the parade.

A bigger Bunny float!

Magical creatures at the back..

The wittest and colorful of all..

It’s from Dunkin Donuts and later that I realized that the number “3” resembles a bite and the hole appears to be “0”.  30 years of Dunkin Donuts that is. Extraordinary feat indeed to stay that long in the business.

Ito ang TAMA!

Unfortunately (for beer drinkers), they did not give away beers in cans.  Oh wait, but I might have not noticed it.  Am I that too busy taking pictures? 😛

The lovely lady for Choco Mucho

I didn’t have a good shot of the float because people are already taking pictures of themselves around it.  There were a group of other lovely ladies at the back as well.

In Filipiniana

As the parade comes to the last float, people are already everywhere.  No good shots came out.  The last float was inspired by the 2009 movie Avatar with the orange dragon (?) flipping its wings and a stone cave behind it where burst of flames come out. Surprisingly, a Sto. Nino came out of the cave and swinging over the dragon.  I just find it weird.  What’s up with that?

The floats will head to Burnham Park for the judging.  It was a tiring 2 hours and I deserve a full good meal.  Chowking Orange Chicken Lauriat!

P.S. May umaway pa kay Irman sa Chowking dahil akala nung mama (?) eh nakatambay lang kami.  Hinihintay namin sila May at Fyle kaya may bakanteng upuan sa mesa namin.  Wala kasing maupuan kaya biglang sumulpot ‘tong lalaking(?) ito na itago na lang natin sa pangalang, “Sha-koleit” (kamukha nya kasi si Chokoleit at Shalala).  Tinanong nya kung kelan raw ba darating ung mga hinihintay namin? Wala pang isang segundo sya na rin ang sumagot! “Sa isang taon ba? bukas? mamaya? Anong oras?” Sabay bitaw ng linyang.. “I’ll be watching you!” sabay alis..

May attitude!.. Si Khanto na siguro ang bahalang magkwento ng buong detalye.. hehe 😀 basahin ang buong kwento dito.

Panagbenga Festival 2011 | Street Parade

It was late last year when I planned a trip to Baguio to witness the Panagbenga Festival read:  pa-nag-bu’-nga (the season of blooming).  Soon after I plotted the first half of 2011, I thought… “Anak ng tipaklong, magastos ang February!” There are quite a number of events scheduled for this month and I need to be uptight in spending.  If there’s a will there’s a way!

The festival was launched last November 16, 2010 and the grand opening parade commenced on February 1, 2011.  It’s going to be more than a month-long celebration which will conclude on March 6, 2011 with grand fireworks display.

Feb 26 and 27 are the most celebrated dates during Panagbenga because the street dance and float parade take place on these dates, respectively.  The program was scheduled to start at 8AM but it’s only 6AM and a lot of spectators were already flocked on both sides of the Session road.  We can hardly see an empty space to settle.  I separated myself from the group so that I can get better shots of the performers (Sorry, guys.. :)) Photographers are allowed inside the parade premises but one thing they have that I don’t – an official festival Media ID.  My camera served as my passport to get inside and since the organizers are ALL BUSY, they didn’t bother to ask if I’m part of the event 😛 Cool!

The sun was at its hottest.  I stationed myself under the overhead camera of a TV station so that I can capture a better view of the cultural dances. Luckily, I was not soaked directly under the sun.

The moon still shines in the morning..
Would you believe that this bouquet of flowers costs 300Php only?!!
Crowd Control on the move..
Spectators.. Behave!
The overhead camera which is the reason why I got good shots.. 🙂
Entrance of Colors

Forward march..

Street Parade starts here..

Prominent Officials

Korean Delegation - There's a big community of Koreans in Baguio City

Showcasing Korean Culture

University of Luzon Drum and Bugle Corps from Dagupan City

The Little Trumpet Boy

With equally beautiful majorettes.. - Precious Lara Quigaman?

Men in Black Suits..

With their own rendition of Justin Bieber's "Baby"..

Boys of Caridad Drum and Bugle Corps from Cavite City

Dances by Elementary Students

People were amazed by this boy's Igorot Dance

The parade lasted for 1.5 hours which was short compared to the previous years.  It did not matter to me because I was still fortunate to witness this festive event.

Tomorrow is yet a more exciting day.  It’s the blossoming float’s turn to impress the crowd.

From afar you won't notice it's all flowers until you see it up close 🙂

To be continued…