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Ready… Eat and Go!

It’s Friday and I need to give myself a treat.  Yeah, this past week’s been exhausting and I did not have time to do something I want for myself – going out.  Just felt the need to go out and explore and I brought my SLR with me.  While waiting for Harriet and Taning, Mitch and I decided to eat dahil hindi pa rin ako nagla-lunch. I’m looking for a good place to dine in the Atrium and there we found this pretty young lady in a chef outfit holding the menu smiling at us while convincing us to try out their promo (pero hindi ko nakunan ng picture, na-hypnotize na nya ata kami the moment na lumapit sya.. hehe ).  It’s Eat and Go.

Eat and Go in SM Megamall Atrium

Let's go inside..

Eat and Go offers a wide variety of food selections from sandwiches, London Pies, salads, pasta, pizza, hot and cold beverages up to main courses of Italian and Filipino delicacies – thanks to hehe.  This lady was of course promoting their 369Php meal (good for two peeps.. ) which includes two choices of their platter (worth 175php each) plus 1 serving of salad (of your choice) and 2 drinks.  Obviously, we gave in.  I think it’s worth the try and so we ordered.

Fish Scallopini, 175Php (Regular Price)

Fish Scallopini – Pan-seared cream dory and topped with lemon butter sauce, served with two side dishes of your choice from roasted pepper rice, pasta of the day, corn and carrots or baked beans.

I preferred pasta in white sauce to go with it.  The creamy sauce blended well with the breaded fish. I must say that it’s very delicious and it became my favorite!  The roasted pepper rice is simply a java rice. 🙂

Chicken Saltimbocca, 175Php (Regular Price)

Chicken Saltimbocca – Oven-baked chicken fillet stuffed with ham and cheese. With Saltimbocca sauce, served with two side dishes of your choice from roasted pepper rice, pasta of the day, corn and carrots or baked beans.

The chicken looked fried to me but it didn’t taste bad.  They’ve really stuffed it with a generous amount of ham and cheese that would go along with the taste of chicken.  The Saltimbocca sauce is new to me but I’d go for KFC’s gravy sauce 🙂  This pasta in red sauce topped with parmesan cheese is tasteful, nothing different with other Italian Pastas.

Chef Salad, 155Php (Regular Price)

Chef Salad – Lettuce, egg slices, cucumber, cheddar cheese, ham, TID dressing.

This is a good catalyst to balance out the carbo intake when you’re in total hunger (in short, pag naparami ng KANIN, este KAIN.. 😛) All you get is a plate of fresh veggies with seasoning to taste.  The serving is good for two B-T-W.  

As promised, we only paid 369Php.  If you sum up all the regular prices, it would cost around 625Php.  At this point I realized that this resto is a bit expensive! but with their promo, it’ll attract more food junkies.  It’s a good deal if you’re looking for “sulit” and “budget” meals.  As the name of the store suggests, we ATE but stayed for a while (enjoying Harriet’s Lumix Camera – picture-picture muna dahil ngayon lang din ulit kami nagkita-kita after 5 months).. then GONE.. 😛