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You chose adventure and it chooses you back..

There are people who are living a simple life.  Less talk, less mistakes.  No hassles.  The same routine, the same place, the same work, nothing different. But there are more people who love fun, adventure, something different and everything in between.  Most often, I belong to the first but less of frequent, the last.  Whenever I see or read stories about people succeeding in life and fulfilling their dreams, I envy them.  Most people say they want to be like that, that they want to have the same experience.  That includes me.  I’ve been longing to have an adventure to call my own but I think my time hasn’t come yet – or I haven’t left my comfort zone…. not yet.  We choose our own adventures.  We can count our days living in adventure.  But sometimes adventure, like us also has a choice.  If it chooses us back how do we deal with it?  Are we ALWAYS up for it? For me, I can not really say.  It’s very unpredictable.  But whatever it takes, whether it could be good or bad, when we look back, it’s worth all the sweat and pain.  It completes what we have become so far.

Will you do what Aron did in 127 hours?

This and other realizations surfaced right after I finished watching 127 hours – a true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston’s remarkable adventure to save himself after a fallen boulder crushes his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon near Canyonlands National Park of Utah. Over the next five days, Ralston examines his life and survives the elements to finally discover he has the courage and the wherewithal to extricate himself by any means necessary, abseil (rappel) a 65-foot wall and hike over eight miles before he is finally rescued. Throughout his journey, Ralston recalls friends, lovers , family, and the two hikers he met before his accident.

The biographical adventure film is produced, written and directed by the Slumdog Millionaire director, Danny Boyle.  His art direction is outstanding and has become his trademark when making movies. Hats off to him.

127 hours is still showing in select Philippine cinemas.  Go and watch it! (PG-13) Check screening times here.

Disclaimer:  In the last 10-15 minutes of the film, just close your eyes whenever your heart can’t bear what it sees.  It’s for you to find it out! 🙂

Sony NEX-5, the next big thing?

Guess who’s got the new Sony Nex-5?.. haha secret!. but it’s not me, unfortunately.. 🙂

It has the picture-quality of a DSLR with just half the size and weight. Sony claims that it’s the smallest and lightest DSLR in the world.   Take a look:

The world’s smallest and lighest DSLR – according to Sony..

And surprisingly, it is! It could just fit my right hand and no worries if I’m holding something else on the left.  Like Nikon, Canon and other DSLR’s, the basic features are the same when it comes to capturing photos.

It has a 3-inch LCD where you can see a live view of your subject but it has no view finder.  It comes with a kit lens, 18-55mm which is detachable so that you can attach other lens.  To adjust the aperture and shutter speeds, the circular scroll at the back does the trick – I could still feel I’m using an actual DSLR minus the weight and bulkiness. It’s easy to configure the settings and to get to the pictures menu.  But what sets it apart is the panoramic setup and HD Video Recording.  I got to try it and below are some of the photos taken in the office. (No post-processing done) 🙂

Khanto, sikat na tong laruan mo.. 🙂 Pahiram ha..

Panoramic test shot numero uno..

That's Spiderham..

Notice that the pictures look complete as if it’s fit to the camera’s frame or LCD’s live view.  Also before making a shot, it tells you the direction where you need to point the camera.. Smart huh!? I tried to point the camera the other way to test its “WIT”.  It still takes the shot but after a few shutters, it will post a message saying that you need to point it where the arrow tells you thus it won’t allow you to do the panoramic shot. – Brilliant!. 🙂

Sony Nex-5 also has an internal memory and you can still expand it.  The HD video recording was awesome because you can focus the subject you want and has built-in microphone.  Still Photos and HD Video Camera in one!.. just exactly what I need.. 🙂 I can use it for making short films and pre-nup videos! yay.. 🙂

This camera is ideal for everybody because it lessens the tricky and techy part of configuring a lot of settings but getting the picture quality of a conventional DSLR.

Plus points:

– Small and lightweight

– 14.2 Megapixels

– Panoramic Setup

– HD Video Recording

Price is around 28,000-34,000Php.  Expensive huh? let’s see if the price goes down in the coming months.. 🙂

Mapanuri recommends RPG Metanoia

At first you might think that it’s a typical animated movie for kids.. and yes it is 🙂 But after you’ve seen it, another thing will come into your mind – that somehow you made the RIGHT choice of watching the movie, even if you’re not a kid or even if it’s typical.  That’s what I felt after seeing this 1 3/4 hour 3D animated movie which is a first by Filipinos.


The movie has a TYPICAL storyline. I can say so because I’ve watched it in other movies that’s why I said it’s typical, yeah common. But it’s NOT a bad thing because that’s what kids like as well as parents want for their kids, otherwise, they won’t be bringing in their kids to watch it.  It’s rated General Patronage, the market’s for all age especially the young kiddos.  Here’s the catch, though the story’s not a newbie to us, the execution and presentation of it is not a miss. The characters’ presentation are in the real and current world.  Yun na yun ang makikita mong mga bata sa computer shops, mula sa kung paano umasta, paano maglaro, paano humirit, etc. I think the writers are bolder and brave to have the kid characters say, “Baliw, Sira-ulo (crazy)” to each other.  Dati kasi sensitive ang mga censors and parents sa ganyan especially pag sa bata nanggagaling at sinasabi sa kapwa bata.

Naipasok rin ang mga Filipino values na dapat sundin nga mga bata. Ang paghuhugas ng pinggan, pagsunod sa inuutos ng magulang, magpakain ng aso, paggalang sa matatanda at pakikipagkaibigan.

Sa mga adults korni yun, pero syempre sa mga bata hindi.  Naipasok rin nila ang pagpapahalaga sa mga larong Pinoy tulad ng patintero, sipa, tumbang preso, etc – KUDOS! Sa totoo lang eh wala na akong nakikitang mga batang naglalaro nyan, mayron siguro pero dahil sa Facebook at RPG age ngayon, unti-unting nawawala.  Kelangan paglaruin sa labas ang mga bata at para hindi puro ONLINE friends ang meron sila – dapat mga TUNAY na tao ang kaibigan.. 🙂

The movie tries to say a lot of things to its audience and I think they delivered all of it but I was just trying to figure out the MAIN thing they want to tell.

Technicals and Animation:

I salute the animators of Metanoia. Hands down! 🙂 Tama nga ang sinabi ng mga unang nakapanuod, World-class! I was unbelievably amazed to see the outcome of this film.  May mga lagging scenes lang na minsan hindi pulido ung galaw ng character pero overall it was a work of art.  I really salute every single person who contributed to this film – 5 years of blood and sweat is really worth it.  At dahil dyan, parang nainspire ako mag-aral ng 3D animation. 🙂 And the musical scoring? Hail to Sir Gerard Salonga and his orchestra – fantastic! He’s really a genius.

Kaya naman pala talaga ng Pinoy eh! Give it a chance and you won’t regret watching it. Sa mga nagsasabing hindi pa naman ganun kapulido at tamang OKAY at common lang – stop comparing it with Disney and Pixar made animated films.  Ibang level na kasi yun plus they’re rich in resources, especially the technical aspects of 3D animation.  Sa Pilipinas, it has just started and it’s a good beginning.

The Metro Manila Film Fest will run until January 7, 2011.  Depending on box office receipts, the screenings might be extended.

P.S.  Hindi porke’t nagha-hang ang PC mo eh kelangan mo ng i-upgrade.  Minsan darating sa buhay mo na ang pagha-hang ngPC mo ang magsasalba sa buhay mo.. 🙂

Panuorin nyo kung bakit.. 🙂

Official website:

Independent Films grace MMFF 2010

This year, Metro Manila Film Festival showcased independent films as prelude to the opening of 8 mainstream films which will open on December 25, as part of the tradition.  Five independent films will be shown from December 16-20, 2010 for exhibition only (in selected theaters) and will not be included in the competition.  Take a sneak peak.

1.  Nasaan si Hefte?

Cast: Darryl Shaw, Anna Luna
Directed by: Jonnah Lim

Watch the trailer:

2.  Slow Fade

Cast: Diether Ocampo, Precious Lara Quigaman, and German Moreno
Directed by: Rommel Sales

Watch the trailer:

3.  Rindido

Cast: Chanel Latrorre, Vic Tiro
Directed by: Noriel Jarito

Watch the trailer:

4.  Senior Year

Cast: Dimples Romana, Ina Feleo, and RJ Ledesma
Directed by: Jerrold Tarog

Watch the trailer:

5.  Presa

Cast: Anita Linda, Jodi Sta. Maria, Rosanna Roces, Tetchie Agabayani, Ina Feleo, Perla Bautista, Daria Ramirez, Cherrie Madrigal, Liza Lorena, Angeli Bayani
Directed by: Adolfo Alix Jr.


Presa Poster

Having these independent films in the MMFF is a very good way of showing support to independent film makers.  It also provides moviegoers an alternative to pop cinema.

These films feature depth and artistic concepts but still not warmly received and patronized.  Why do you think Pinoy Indie Films normally get more attention and recognition outside the country than here?

Getting ready for Pacquiao versus Margarito

Pacquiao versus Margarito bout

Boxing fans all over the world are getting ready for the next big bout that’s about to happen on November 13, 2010 (Nov. 14, Manila) in Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, Texas.  Who will reign supreme as Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao take on Antonio Margarito for the Junior Super Welterweight title?

Many Filipinos around the globe are always cheering for our pound-for-pound king, Pacquiao.  But let us not forget that Margarito is one tough fighter as well with a record of 38-6-0 against 51-3-2 for Pacman (view source here).  The controversial Mexican fighter is noticeably taller (5’11 1/2) than Manny (5’6 1/2) which is I think is an advantage to look out for.  Margarito’s physical attributes are quite an advantage for him but Pacquiao’s agility, speed and experience could be his fighting force to win the title.

At this point, no one can really tell who’ll win.  I am not a sports analyst nor a die-hard boxing fan.  I’m sure there will be a lot of betting in schools, offices and everywhere.  Crime rate in Manila and the rest of the Philippines will be at its lowest again.  Singing of Lupang Hinirang will be criticized again (but I think the singer has approached National Historical Institute weeks before and rendered a sample of how she’s going to sing it – which is a good thing).  Local TV Channel 7 (thru Solar Entertainment) will telecast the fight delayed again and there will be loads of commercials after every round.  Expectators (including me) at home will search for an online video streaming of the fight hours before it airs to watch it for free.  Exchange of links online will definitely be obvious.  Above all, many will be pissed off because the streaming will suddenly be cut off the air when the main fight begins. 🙂 I should know. hehe

For all its worth, let’s give Manny our full support for it will bring honor to our country as well.  On November 14, all eyes are again set to this fight and we can all be part of history.