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El Buono’s 36-inch Pizza

Define Humongous?! El Buono Pizza

It was a very special day yesterday.. – nothing could be more special than your birthday right? 🙂  Because of peer pressure, I got my team 36″ pizza from El Buono – (with the help of  Delivery will take 1.5 hours, the nearest branch is in Pioneer, Mandaluyong.

@ exactly 15 minutes past 6pm, it arrived.  Kuya Delivery Boy sliced the pizza in front of us which I think is part of their service (or did they just forget to slice it beforehand?.. hehe) And now.. presenting… the Asia’s Finest and Biggest Pizza!

the 36-inch pizza!

El Buono offers the following size categories – of course, there’s the slice (69Php), Medium (10″ @ 265Php), Large (12″ @ 395Php), Giant (22″ @ 795Php), the Celebrity Pizza (36″ @ 1,695Php) and the 45 -inch pizza which is beyond 2,000Php I think.  We just settled for the Celebrity Pizza with 4 flavours, El Buono Special, Il Tonno, Il Hawaii and Le Verdure – after all I am a celebrity, este celebrant (for today only! lol :P).

The Celebrity este Celebrant pala and the Pizza... nyahaha

Surprisingly, the crust is not that thick nor thin, does not get hard and not as oily just like other regular pizzas or should I say, other Monster Pizzas we’ve tried before.  It doesn’t become crunchy even if you left it on the table for a few hours.  The pizza came with its own hot sauce and 5% service charge! – WTF? The WTF part won’t be present if I was told right away.  I confirmed the total price twice before I hang up the phone with the lady and she just said, “Total is 1,999Php).  Mabuti na lang at masarap yung pizza, I forgave.. hehe Naisip ko rin na mahirap magbitbit ng 36-in na kahon along the highway habang nakaangkas sa motor.  Buti na lang din at hindi naulan.. 🙂

Biggest and finest indeed..

They said that the biggest pizza they have is a 45-incher.  Now I wonder how will they ever deliver it? 😛


500 Boni Avenue, cor. San Rafael St. Mandaluyong City, please contact: 533-3018

Makati Cinema Square, please contact: 403-1575 and 403-1528

visit their site: