Happy Dad’s Day!

Nope, not yet.  Father’s day is a little far from today. 🙂

I’m talking about DAD’s  – located in SM Megamall where we had our EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Merienda.

Disclaimer:  I didn’t have my SLR camera with me (tsk! I know.. ) but in situations like this, I can always rely on my camera phone. My 5800 baby.. 😛

Kain Ta!

Merienda time starts at 3pm ’til 5pm and for only 169Php per head, I bet those anacondas in your bellies will be surely satisfied.

Now what’s on the buffet table.  Take a look.

Meet the eat-all-you-can gang.. L-R: Jodelyn, Stayz and Eric. Irman's left at the table. He'll take his turn once we get back.

We arrived a few minutes before 3PM.  There were no long lines yet so we’re lucky enough to pick every food that entices us – or better yet just get all of ’em. 🙂

Okoy and Okoy with Lugaw on the side

Jodie got two plates on her hands and she just gets a few each kind. Tutal naman eh maghahati hati rin kami paglanding nyang mga yan sa table. 😛 But I didn’t eat any of it. Di lang ako mahilig sa okoy.. hehe

Tokwa't Baboy and Pansit Bihon

A few serving on the plate again. Lagay lang ng lagay, excited eh.. hehe

In Tagalog: BIko - a kind of sweetened Rice Cake

This is one of my favorites since I was a kid.  This is always present whenever we have an occasion to celebrate in my Inang’s house. Got two pieces. Mabigat sa tiyan to eh. 😛

Turon - Banana Fritter

An all-time favorite Pinoy merienda.  I just had a few bites because I enjoyed eating spaghetti – a lot!

Kamote Cue

Sugar-coated sweet potato! – oha.. 😛 lol

Palitaw - Rice Dumpling

Another heavy for the stomach (mabigat sa tiyan!) lol 😛

Puto - Pinoy Rice Muffin

While I am writing this post, I realize that it also nourishes my brain. Why? It’s because I am learning the english terms for all of these.. 🙂 Instant English 101! BTW, I just had a single bite of it.  Walang lasa para sa akin..

Paansit Palabok & Dinuguan

Sumarap na ang Puto.. hehe 😛 Ayan na ang kapartner eh.. 😛

Lumpiang Ubod at Bilo-bilo

Fresh Spring Rolls and Rice balls! – oha! again.. 😛

Spaghetti and Carbonara

What’s the Tagalog term? hehe.. Though, not an original Pinoy food, it has been a part of a Pinoy merienda (snack).  Especially when it’s sold at the side streets.

I didn’t notice that it’s Carbonara at first glimpse.  Akala ko buko salad.. 🙂

I had a lot of serving of that spaghetti that made my tummy full already.  It was so sweet and juicy that I enjoyed it very much. This is the very reason why I only had a few bites of camote cue and turon.  This is where the gang gets in the picture.. hehe They helped me consume what I still have on my plate (I know sharing is not allowed… shhhhhh! :P) What are friends “ARE” for?..  lol 😛


I had four. That proves that it tastes so good. 🙂


I thought it was burrito (tsk!) but apparently it’s not.  Could’ve been more delicious if served a little hot.


What’s a buffet merienda if you won’t have Burgers! But I didn’t. Blame it to McDonalds near our office. Almost everyday, a burger day 😛

Flavored French Fries

Same with the burgers.. it’s an almost everyday thing for me.. 😛

Unknown type of Cake

It’s a chocolate cake but I don’t know exactly.  It tastes good according to Jodi.


I decided not to get one because I fixed my eyes on the one beside it.

Here it is.

Fried Siomao

With a steamed version just beside it as well.  Both have an addicting taste that’s why a plate of 6 each won’t be enough.  I’m talking about the plate on my left hand.  My right’s still empty.. 😛

Mami in Dad's

Cream Puffs

The culprit of the senseless conversation! 😛 I’ll keep it to ourselves.  One thing’s for sure, hindi sya egg pie at hindi sya bavarian!.. 😛 Right, Jodi and Eric? hehe

Plate number 1

No drinking of water.

Plate Number 2

Sip.. Sip.. baka mabusog agad eh..

Plate Number 3

Don’t worry the plates aren’t that big. It just looks big in the picture. 🙂

Plate number 4

This is the plate on my right hand.. 😛

I'm on a diet.. 😛

If eating in an eat-all-you can restaurant, the first rule is of course making sure that you’re stomach has all the space available.  As an unsolicited advice, just also make sure to only get those that you want to eat.  Quality goes first before quantity.  If you want to try something else, just get a few then just go back if you’d like the taste.

169Php for a buffet snack was indeed a very good deal.

P.S.  I find it fun to discover all their English terms.  However, I really don’t have to translate all of them.  Besides, they’re all Pinoy food.  What’s wrong if I call them as they are? 😛

10 responses to “Happy Dad’s Day!

  1. waaah! Super like! in fairness ngayon ko lang din nalaman mga english term. natuwa ako. hahah! Sugar-coated sweet potato.. pinoy rice muffin.. sweetened rice cake…

    lol! naappreciate ko talaga ang tagalog, hahah!

    i lilly lilly like it! =)

    • haha kulet ng mga english terms.. pag may naglalako ng merienda sa street namin, suggest ko na english ang pagsigaw nya ng mga paninda nya.. 😛

  2. ang daming pagkain!!! so many choices! for 169 pesos ok na sya ha! and i also like dad’s…although i haven’t eaten there for a while now. 🙂

  3. andaming choices!! nakaka-lula. hehehe will have to try it next time. would you know kung hanggang kelan to? thanks!

    • Yeah, yan rin ang reaction ko when I saw the buffet table.. 😛 I’m not sure kung for a limited time only pero mukhang hindi naman.. 🙂

  4. ilabet!!! forever daw ganun kuya!!! balik tayo next year?hehehe

  5. Wow sarap! as usual di na naman ako nakasama sa lafang trip nio ahaha.

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