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Mapanuri and PEN-PEN

Last Saturday, we set up a pre-nup photoshoot for our good friends, Mark and Rushelle.  The venue? – La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City.  I was excited to do the photoshoot but more looking forward to see the Eco Park since that was my first time to go there.  I did not complain that I only had 3 hours of sleep and was awake for almost 2 days.  I guess my excitement got me really going.

We started the photoshoot at 2:30PM and finished at around 6PM.  It was very tiring though I enjoyed taking pictures and walking around the park.  We sneaked out of the park by 6:30PM and decided to have our dinner at Pen Pen Restaurant.

Pen Pen is located at 105-C Sct. Castor, Brgy. Laging Handa, QC which is in Tomas Morato area and owned by celebrity Ping Medina.  It was our first time to dine here and curious about how the food would taste like.  The place is Filipino themed and very simple.  No decorations mounted on its walls aside from a few paintings I think.  At first I expected it to be BIG because it’s owned by a celebrity (connection?.. :P) The ground floor can accommodate 20-30 people I guess and its second floor is being designed to be a bar.  We sat our butts down and ordered.  Wait time for our food took roughly 15-20 minutes but not sure.  We’re busy looking at the pictures we’ve taken on Mark’s laptop.  I thought the price in the menu is quite reasonable and main course dishes are good for 1-2 pax per order.  I was a little surprised with the serving especially with the liempo strips and callos.  They were served in a little bowl and I didn’t think it could satisfy Jun’s appetite (Jun ordered it by the way..)  The food is not served in a sophisticated way – which by the way a good thing for us.  I thought Liempo strips is just an appetizer because we compared it with chicharong baboy (peace!)

Liempo Strips

Then came the others.

Burger Steak
Chicken Ala Kiev (did I spell it correctly?)

I was able to taste all of these. Chicken ala Kiev is delicious because of the sauce (or dressing? :D) and was the best of all the rest on the table.   Since it’s the season of Lent, I vowed not to eat pork and pure beef so Sweet and Sour Fish is my thing.  Among those served, this one has a bigger serving – you can see it right? 😀  Sauce pa lang ULAM na!, I said to myself. Then, moment of silence – all are eating already 😛

Sweet and Sour Fish

I felt full already after eating one cup of rice with one and a half fish fellet still untouched.  I wondered why that happened.  I was really hungry when we got there and thought I could finish 2 cups.  There’s something in the food that make us feel full.  Boggs also noticed it because he did not order for another cup. Well, I don’t know what’s behind it but what’s important is I had a very satisfied tummy. The food is good – period.

Oh by the way, they also offer free wifi so you can bring with you your laptops, netbooks or even desktops (who dares to do so? :D)