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Back in Eastwood City

Though Christmas is over, I still had the chance to visit the tiny Christmas Village in Eastwood City Walk 2.  Located along Starbucks-Coffee Bean alley, there’s nothing much to see but a few snow-filled houses, Santa Claus, the drummer boy and the Ques-O ads scattered on the decors.  Don’t you think Ques-O’s a sponsor?.. lol 😛

Ay, sa Ques-O pala talaga to.. hehe

Looks like a wooden ginger bread house.. 🙂

The Bake Shop

Santa standee for kids and kids at heart..

Across the street is Eastwood Mall with the giant Christmas tree to light up the park.  Got the chance to take a picture of it with the lights on.  The last time I’ve been here was past 12 midnight and the lights were off.

Giant Christmas Tree, stands 30-35 feet tall I think..

The star at the top changes its color.  Nice.

One of the main attractions here in Eastwood is the dancing fountain in front of the mall.  With the sweet background music playing, people from different walks of life enjoy every single drop and wave of the waters.  Additional entertainment are the statue mimes standing beside the christmas tree.

Nice shades.. walang kurapan..

Silver from head to toe!.. literal!

A few new restaurants are visible before entering the City Walk 2.  At the center is the mangrove fountain with dazzling lights.

And who would forget the Celebrity Walk of Fame?  I was surprised to see that a lot of new celebrity names are engraved to the ground.  I’ve always wondered how those names were chosen.. 😛 anyway..

Eastwood City has evolved to be not just a hangout famous for its bars and fancy restos.  It is for all to see though some may think that it’s only for the elites.  But apparently with the way it looks now, it welcomes everyone.  Dining might be pricey but with the presence of fast food chains (e,g Mcdonalds, 711, KFC, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, etc.) and food kiosks, you won’t be out of budget.  Besides, being here just to unwind and hangout don’t need to be expensive.

Feels good to be back.  I just realized that after 4 years of working here, I missed it and the feeling of being at home is never gone.