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And the ball keeps rolling: My 7 Links

Adventurous Feet tagged me with her post and has passed me the ball to keep the #My7Links project rolling.  I wasn’t really familiar with how this thing goes but as I checked the pages of my blogger friends, I was able to get a glimpse of what to write about it.  It’s time to dig into the chest of blog posts!.. 😛 And here they are:

1.  Most Beautiful Post – Panagbenga Festival 2011 | Street Parade

Isn't that beautiful?

Why? – I’d like to think that festivals here in our country are as rich as our heritage.  It’s actually the first time I saw a festival that is as vibrant and lively as this.  It’s really worth the effort to get to Baguio regardless of the 6-hour travel time from Manila.. and additional 1 hour from Antipolo.. 🙂

2.  Most Popular Post – Lazer Maxx @ Eton Centris

Unexpectedly popular

As of this writing I am still getting a lot of page views for this post and it’s still the most read of all I’ve written.  It has an overall 4o96 page views since I wrote it last March.  Now talk about Famous eh?.. 😛

3.  Most Controversial Post – Witness Batanes

Controversial on it's own

I first thought Prenup shoot gone wrong? was the most controversial but after giving myself a few minutes to think, I ended up picking Witness Batanes. I wrote this post for a contest thrown by SEAIR to all bloggers/writers who can write the most creative and interesting about Batanes.  Since I have never been there, I joined the contest to try my luck and of course to tell the world that I long to see this place up north.  A few days after publishing it, I noticed someone commented and I was surprised to know that some of the things I wrote there offended him.  I didn’t realize that until I read the post again and subsequently exchanged comments with him.  To make it short, I apologized and explained that I wrote it without any intentions of hurting anyone.  Some mistakes may have been overlooked.  Humbling yourself is one of the best things to feel.

4.  Most Helpful Post – Cathy’s Homestay | Feels like home indeed

L-R: Gepay, Gian, Rodem and Ate Cathy

This post was really meant to help Ate Cathy promote her simple lodging as my way of saying thank you.  I really felt the kindness she showed us during our stay in Pagudpud last January 2011.  The simplicity of her living and cleanliness of her intention to make a living out of this homestay will surely give her more guests to accommodate in the future.

5.  A Post Whose Success Surprised Me – Lazer Maxx @ Eton Centris

Oh boy, I am suprised!

Honestly, I thought only a few will come to read this post.  I never thought it will generate a lot of views.  And just recently, one of my officemates told me that my post about Lazer Maxx was second in the retsuls when you do a search in Google:


6.  A Post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved – Sidetrip: PASIG River Cruise

Pasig River Cruise neglected?

This was one of my first posts when I was still starting to blog in wordpress.  This cruise experience is a must try for it will open your eyes on the true status of the Pasig River and how the Kapit-Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig project works in the process.  It may not be your ordinary mode of transportation but it’s very interesting to try it once in a while. Perfect for taking photographs as the last station (Westbound) will take you to Intramuros and the rest of Manila.

7.  The Post I Am Most Proud Of – What I gave myself this Christmas?

Holiday treat to my pamangkins

As I am getting older, I tend to realize the value of money.  So every time “bonuses” comes, I make sure I spend it very very wisely and save some as well.  Instead of buying expensive gaming consoles and high-end phones for myself, I preferred to give my  two of my “pamangkins” a movie treat and stroll around Eastwood City.  This is something that I don’t get to do frequently. And this is why of all the posts I have, it’s the one that I am most proud of. Instead of buying them things that they only get to use for a few days, I thought of something that they can share with their classmates and friends when school resumes and also remember when they grow up. 🙂

I’m passing the ball now to:

1.  Gepay of Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera

2.  Maricar of Tara Usap Tayo!

3.  Marx of Marxtermind

4.  Pao of Kalongkong

5.  Kev of Geekev

Your turn guys! 🙂