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Lazer Maxx @ Eton Centris

Centris Walk is a new hangout that’s soon to be a new hot spot in the metro located along EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, QC (just beside MRT Quezon Avenue Station).  It’s already open to the public but other structures are still being built – to entice the public to keep on coming.  It’s a week day so expect less crowd.  Take a peek inside:

Unique modern designs

A strip of restaurants is always present for the hungry ones



Groomed to be a park..

Excited for the game!

It’s gonna be my second time to play laser tag.  The first was in Star City when I played with my nephew and niece during the 2009 Holidays as my treat to them.  As I can recall, it was really a fun and action packed game.  I thought 15 minutes would be insufficient but I was wrong! I can still remember how my knees and back hurt that time.  Let’s see if that would happen again! 😛

The clock ticked at 4 o’clock – it’s game time!

First off – Briefing.  Not all of us are used to play this game and even if we play everyday, a briefing is always a MUST.  One thing that I just noticed – it’s literally BRIEFING – very brief! (Or am I just too excited to play that I didn’t even listen?! lol)  I can’t even remember what he told us to do.. This explains why I missed hitting the BASE of the enemies.. 😛

Picture taking is allowed in the briefing area (should take photos BRIEFLY as well.. ) but not inside the game zone. I’m sorry but our photos are still stored in Chroky’s super high-end smart phone. 😛 I’m still waiting for him to upload the pictures! 😛

The Gears:

The vests with sensors as the hitting points during the battle

These actually are not the exact vests we wore.  Each vest has parts you need to hit to score.  Once you’ve been hit, it deactivates your gun for a few seconds.  No need to worry about the laser beams because it’s completely safe (no radiation!) – this game originated from the US MILES (Military).

There are 3 teams and 8 per team maximum are allowed.  You choose your color – Green, Blue and RED.  The laser guns have default names on it so that after the game, you’ll know how much you scored and how accurate your shooting skills are.  Mine’s Blakwolf (sounds terrorist eh?.. )

So much for the briefing, let the games begin! 😛

Disclaimer: Please turn your creative minds on.  Let’s do the exercise and picture this:

All Black – of course!

The area is spacious – you can run and run and run around.

There are two levels in the playing area – Upper and Lower.

Red, Blue and Green – the only colors you’ll see inside.

Signs on the floor (luminous spray paints) – whether you’re heading up or down.

Lots of stomping – you’ll hear a lot of it and the laser gun sound effects.

Trash talking? – I think, it’s only me who did that… lol 😛 (competitive ako eh!… bakit ba.. hehe)

Panel walls located in different areas inside being used to hide yourself from other teams.  This is also a test of wit because there are holes in the walls that you have to know how to hide without your enemies seeing the lights blinking on your vest! 😛

Red Team intact (JeffZ, Ericson, Perci and Jim) – We ‘unknowingly’ created a base.  We didn’t even strategize and talked to each other upon entering. It just happened.  Hindi ko nga rin alam na sila mga ka-Team ko kasi basta dumampot lang ako ng vest.. 😛 The next thing we know is all 4 of us are already working as a team (dapat 5 kaso Ate Helen’s missing.. solo-flight sya.. hehe) and dominating the Blues (Irman, Gelo, MayB and Joan) who were scattered all over.  😛 (kung may ibang version kayo ng kwento, sige feel free to hit the comments page.. haha joke..)

And having said that, here’s my score card:

Number 3 yeah!

There's a lot of backstabbers.. 😛

I laughed when I saw a lot of them tagged me at the back – I’ll call them back-TAGGERS!.  And I’m literally a trigger-happy, 1025 shots fired and only 73 were tagged.. lol

I recommend you try this soon.  You might think that 15 minutes won’t be enough? I almost quit during the game because I’m sweating and my back aches already! Dead tired! 😛 But it was all fun after all.  It felt great to play like a kid once again.

Call and make reservations first.

Lazer Maxx, Centris Walk

Blue Team, rematch?.. 😛