Mapanuri Review: Toy Story 3

I was anxious yesterday to watch Toy Story 3 because I wasn’t able to watch the two previous Toy Story movies.  I thought that I might be left behind since this is the 3rd installment of the film.  Fortunately, I was not. 🙂

Let’s give it a short background.  Walt Disney/Pixar introduced Toy Story 1 to the world in 1995 and the sequel followed four years later. The second film made huge in box office compared to the first and made a lot of kids fall in love with it.  Now, more than 10 years later, the same movie outfit brings back the 3rd story behind the Toy Story.

Andy’s 17 years old and is off to college.  He’s packing up his things and he’s bringing Woody with him.  Buzz and the rest of the toys found themselves to be donated to Sunny Side – which happens to be a Day Care Center.

TECHNICAL:  I haven’t seen the first two movies so I don’t have any reasons to compare it.  But basing it on the new technology we have now as compared to 10 years ago, today’s probably much much better.  It did not disappoint me when I saw how the animation was made.  The toys still look the same (of course) for they don’t have cells that will make them grow old :).  Though new special effects are available, it’s good that they didn’t make some noticeable enhancements on the looks of the characters.  The Toy Story feel is still there.  I was amazed to see other “human” characters like Bonnie and Andi’s dog because the CGI was just awesome.

STORY:  I’ve said this before and I will say it again.  This is the ONLY animated movie that entertained BIG TIME me since Find Nemo. No dull moments, no dragging scenes.  This time, the story goes beyond what lies ahead of our toys – the time to move on and finding a new owner to play with.  The story could be typical for some but what I liked most about it is the consistency of each scene and how the conflicts were resolved before the movie ends.


1.  Ken and Barbie’s love team – Both of them are addition to the movie.  Ken is the “metrosexual” type of guy which is very obsessed with his clothes and other possesions.  It’s all about his looks.  Barbie falls for him because of his very gentle approach.

2.  Buzz Lightyear’s Spanish Dance/Mode – Buzz was set to factory defaults as Lotso (the pink bear stuffed toy) turned him against his friends who wants to get out of Sunny Side.  When Woody planned an escape, they got a hold of Buzz and Rex, with the help of his tiny little T-Rrex fingers, pushed Buzz’s button again to bring him back.  Unluckily, he was switched to Spanish Mode and the fun begins.  When the credits are rolling, don’t miss Jessie and Buzz dancing – he’s dancing his butt off literally. 🙂

3.  One scene that got me really laughing was when the toys were about to be grounded into pieces at the dump site.  Woody and the rest found a way to get out by holding into a metal because there’s a big sheet of magnet above them.  I started laughing because everyone has escaped except Rex. As he comes closer to the “masher/grinder”, he’s picking cans which of course magnets don’t attract instead of metals . I can’t forget how his face looked like while picking those tin cans.. haha!

4.  Andy and Bonnie’s moment – This is the scene where Andy hands over his toys to Bonnie.  This is the moment that touched the viewers’ hearts including me.

RECOMMENDATION:  Go and watch it.  This made me decide that I’ll watch the two other Toy Story movies.  It’s true that it’s not made for kids only but for Kids at heart as well.  Everybody will enjoy it definitely.

I’m thinking of buying a Buzz Lightyear action figure in the coming days.. 🙂 hmmmm…


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