Food Trip: Wai Ying

On July 3, we had a sidetrip in Binondo, Manila to do a photowalk.  But nothing interesting caught my eye and lens aside from the Binondo Church and Chinatown.  Later that day, I realized that we should’ve gotten there when there’s an event, counting in Chinese New Year.  After an hour of endless walking, we found Wai Ying – a Chinese Fastfood Restaurant that I have been missing for months.

Wai Ying was introduced to me by my friend Xtian way back college days – okay it was in 2003, I think.  The foods served are really delicious and the prices are very affordable.  Each item on the menu are enticing.

We still waited for a few minutes because there’s no vacant table.  People really love to dine here because of its affordable menu.  When I held the menu, I missed the taste of the Soy Chicken Mushroom but I want to taste Curry Beef Brisket so I ordered one.  Gelo ordered the “duck” one (I forgot what it’s called.. hehe) and Gepay ordered the same as mine and one order of steamed siomai.

Does it look like a duck? but tastes much of a chicken.. 🙂

Curry Beef Brisket

Steamed Siomai

As expected, our stomachs are once again full and more than satisfied.  The prices are higher as compared 7 years ago (of course.. 🙂 it only costs around 72Php) but still within reach.  Their rice toppings (the ones mentioned above) cost 110Php-120Php.  I plan to go back with my college friends and try out that Steamed Chicken Mushroom which is my Wai Ying all-time favorite.

Bon Appetit! 🙂


2 responses to “Food Trip: Wai Ying

  1. I love Waiying!!! I brought all of my exes here and they loved it too. When I broke up with them, they would always remember me whenever they eat here. Hehehe…

    • kami since college.. we still dine there pag nagkita kits ang tropa.. kahit hindi nagbabago ung lugar, ung pagkain ung babalik balikan mo talaga dun.. 🙂

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